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This highly experiential programme is designed for individual coaches and organisational consultants seeking to develop a team coaching practice*. Now more than ever, organisations are looking at how to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty. The time is ripe in the coaching market to differentiate Systemic Team Coaching® from other forms of team or group development and to extend the definition and body of theory and practice in Team Coaching.

Course Summary

  • Gain an understanding of the AoEC theory and practice of Systemic Team Coaching®.
  • Learn the STC® Process through which the coach contracts with the client system, builds deep awareness of the team’s needs, shapes, designs and undertakes the coaching work, and facilitates learning review.
  • Understand the distinction between groups and teams and how Systemic Team Coaching® differs from other forms of team development.
  • Learn the Hawkins 5 Disciplines Model of team coaching: 1) Commissioning, 2) Clarifying, 3) Co-Creating, 4) Connecting, 5) Core learning, and the activities of the Systemic Team Coach in these disciplines.
  • Explore the implications of team coaching for the coaching contract, especially confidentiality, where the team is the boundary not the individual.
  • Gain exposure to models that explore the nature of group functioning and experience them live in the room.
  • Focus on Self as Instrument – utilising physical senses, rational, intuition and body-sense as the ‘data collector’ and sense maker.
  • Gain insight into the depth of learning and practice that happens on the full 1 year Master Practitioner Diploma STC Programme.
  • Learn how to utilise the Team Connect 360 diagnostic instrument for use with client teams in Step 2 of the STC® process – Inquiry/Re-Contracting

Course Objectives

Team Coaching is the next big step in the evolution of the coaching profession. But what is it and how is it different from coaching individual team members, team facilitation; team building; team development or action learning sets?

John Leary-Joyce of AoEC in partnership with Peter Hawkins of Renewal associates created an integrative model of Systemic Team Coaching®. In this workshop, the Faculty will guide you through this complex, systemic approach that demands a much wider range of competencies than individual coaching and traditional team facilitation and development.

A key component of our approach is seeing the Team and indeed the Team’s purpose, as the Client and viewing individual members – including the leader, as a subset of that client system. This makes contracting for confidentiality an interesting, delicate and controversial subject.

Stakeholder engagement, internally and externally as well as attention to the wider environmental context adds to the richness and complexity. Coaching at this level, we believe is the hallmark of highly effective team coaching.

Programme Structure

Prior to the workshop there will be a Virtual module comprising: webinar, article, case study and TC 360 Report, that will give you a sound basis for engaging with the STC® process, then over the three day workshop the faculty will build on this work to:

  • Provide rich didactic context in which we discuss and debate different aspects of systemic team work and team coaching.
  • Use a business simulation to evoke the experiences of working in/as a team and apply the diagnostic TC 360 Report to this example.
  • Take you through an experience of Sculpting and interpersonal exercises to understand team relationships.
  • Guide you in a peer supervision group to apply the model and methods of the Hawkins 5 Disciplines to a team you are working in/with.
  • Work with our own large group process as a way of engaging live with the interpersonal dynamics and psychological models.

Who is it for?

Individual Coaches, Organisational Consultants, Business Leaders and Training Managers.

This programme is also available for delivery as an in-house coach training programme. Please contact Karen Smart at for further details.

Course Faculty

John Leary-Joyce

John Leary-Joyce

John is proud to be the Founder and president of the Academy, having worked with his team to rapidly develop the organisation into a prestigious brand with International accreditation and University recognition. Prior to that he was MD of Gestalt Centre Ltd growing the business fourfold in eight years and receiving a Company Director diploma with the Institute of Directors.

As a result, he has the expertise as a coach to focus on improving business capability and in coaching executives/managers/partners on how to develop their personal competence to lead their businesses more successfully.

He is an experienced coach trainer and supervisor and an accredited coach with Association of Professional Executive Coaches & Supervisors (APECS) and the Association for Coaching (AC).